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Lynk Cool is a young and energetic team. We advocate an active organizational atmosphere, pay attention to equal communication environment, and care about the personal career development of employees. Whether you are a new graduate or an experienced career elite, here will be the ideal stage for you to display your talents!

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Finance Department

  • Product Designer shenzhen guangdong

    Product Designer

    shenzhen guangdong

    Job Requirements:

    1. Have experience in the design of audio products (headphones, speakers) or have a strong interest in product design in this area.
    2. According to the product definition, the ID modeling, rendering and graphic expression of the new product, the control of the product video production work, have a strong visual aesthetic for the product design.
    3. Independently responsible for the concept, creativity and design research and development of the company's new products, understanding the design positioning and design style of the new products.
    4. Participate in the company's innovative design plan, responsible for the control of the design direction, product prototype production, follow-up and final effect confirmation.
    5, to complete the analysis and understanding of product definition requirements, there are certain hand-painting ability proposals presented, the new product development design problems continue to follow up.
    6. Positive work attitude and strong sense of responsibility.

Product Department

  • Warehouse Supervisor shenzhen guangdong

    Warehouse Supervisor

    shenzhen guangdong

    Job Requirements:

    1. Have experience in warehouse management of FMCG.
    2. Experience in e-commerce retail warehouse management.
    3. High school education or above.
    4. Skilled in using an inventory management system.

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